Buy and Sell used Amusement machines like Arcade machine,Prize,Medal and Photo Sticker, used Video game and Cabinet and used Vending machine
The article about us was published in the newspaper Yomiuri on Apr,22,2012. [PDF]Yomiuri newspaper
<Quotation from Yomiuri on April 22 ,2012>

The good old amusement machines are lined in the warehouse in Taisho, Osaka.
There are more than hundreds machines like "Space Invaders" and "Coin game" which
made young people crazy about from late '70 to '90. They are waiting to be shipped after the refurbished.

The amusement machine distributor called 「US INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION」made more than 1000 units of used amusement machines rebirth every year. Sometimes they remake machines with tons of spare parts.
President Kanji Mori says Japanese machines are very popular among overseas customer because they are very tough and sophisticated.
By the appearance of a home game machine and the spread of smart phones, amusement game machines have become a bit old fashioned in Japan. However they get
many inquiries from more than 60 countries like China,Russia,Middle East and Europe. Last year they opened a game center in Phnom Penh,Cambodia.
Service staff Mr Hirota says I want a game lover to be glad.

The Invader game which was explosively popular. It's waiting to become popular abroad.

The machines which are waiting to be shipped after the refurbished

Big medal machine which has been repaired. The elaborate dinosaur is also popular oversea.

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<Photos from Yomiuri>

Repairing the game machine

Repairing the game machine