Buy and Sell used Amusement machines like Arcade machine,Prize,Medal and Photo Sticker, used Video game and Cabinet and used Vending machine
We buy and sell lots of machines everyday.
We do maintenance ,cleaning and vanning by ourselves at our warehouse.
And we welcome visitors to our warehouse.


We buy used machines from all over Japan.


When we receive the machine, we check the condition,


We check if all parts (like monitor, PCB and cabinet) are OK.
If there is any problem, we repair them.
As your request we change voltage and coin selector.
**We will do variety of additional work on machines as your requests.


We clean up carefully.
Final checking

(5)Final checking

Before vanning, we carefully check all machines again.


We wrap machines in Cellophane and Bubble Wrap to protect your machines.


We load your container at our warehouse.

*** The contents of work will depend on the contract.